5-a-side (Blind Football)

All you need to know about Blind Football and nothing more!


Blind football is one of the Paralympics' games, and it requires way more skills, visualisation of the campus in your mind and the enthusiasm and the willingness to do your best to play.


Rules and Styles

  • audience must be quiet - so that the players can hear the ball which contains metal discs
  • players must be blind-folded - to make it fair to people in class B1
  • the rest of the rules are the same as in football.

The Pitch

The pitch is a much smaller pitch, with a 42 x 22m area. That area is enclosed in rebounding wall so there are no throw-ins and therefore continuos play. The game is timed in twenty-five minutes part.

Suitable Mark

exact middle of the field where the ball is dopped to commence a game. It should be surrounded by a circle (3' in radius). A half way line must be drawn.

The Team

The team consists in total of seven players, three of which are not blind-folded. One of three is the goalkeeper and the other two are outfielders that verbally help guide the 4 blind players.

Paralympic History

It first started in Brazil 2004. Since then, Brazil has been the winner in the Paralympics 5-a-side