South America Road Trip

By Isaiah Sparks

Maps of South America


Sucre population of 193,876

It is surrounded by low mountains. I think people came there for the historical facts and the safety it brought.

Santa Cruz,Bolivia

Santa Cruz Population of 1.114 mil.

It is very flat and perfect for squeezing things together. They were able to fit a lot of buildings in little space.

Cristo De La Concordia

This is a sculpture of Jesus atop of hill San Pedro.

Finished in 1994 it is 133 feet tall.


Santiago population of 5.128 M

With the mountains to the east and the ocean to the west it as great scenery and is very safe.


Arica population of 157,568

With the sandy beaches and the ocean i think they put a city there for vacations.

San Rafael Glacier

It is the closest glacier to the equator. it is one of a major outlet glaciers.