First Aid

What to do during a medical emergency in the wilderness.


If you are ever wouned in the wilderness with a cut there are a few things you can do. You should always remove any clothing from the area to prevent infection. You should also rinse the wound but do NOT scrub. Clean the skin around the wound. It is very important to have a clean wound to prevent infection. To sterilize a dirty or infected wound you can burn the wound. It may be painful but it will kill almost all bacteria.
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There are many types of rashes and many ways to get rashes. No matter what type of rash, there are a few thing you would always want to do. One thing is to keep it dry because if moist it is more likely to spread. Also, never scratch it becasue if it opens, it will spread. There are also things that would be good to put on a rash. Those are things like garlic, salt water, bee honey, and Sphagnum moss.
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Frostbite is when the skin tissure freezes. Frostbite can caause permanent damge if not treated correctly. Signs of frostbite are whitish skin. Frostbite can occure in seconds so it is important to check frequently fro it. If you do get frostbite do NOT try to thaw it because that can cause it to open. You should submerge the body part in lukewarm water and gently rub it. After you are dont that, dry it and place it against skin to warm it slowly to your body's natural temperature.
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