West Olympia CC October 15

Foundations & Essentials Week 6, Challenge Week 8

Foundations & Essentials Break Week!

Remember that there will be no F/E classes next week. Challenge classes ARE meeting.

Enjoy your break, F/E families!!

Rwanda Ministry Opportunity

Michelle sent out an email last week asking for prayer and to consider donations of supplies for her to take on her ministry trip to share the gospel with the wounded in Rwanda.

Some things that she needs are:

- flip-flops

- stickers (no violent or potentially offensive material)
- coloring books
- small McDonald's type of toys, small stuffed animals
- medical supplies such as Band-Aids (no character ones), bandages, antiseptic gel, etc
- deflated soccer balls

Bring anything you wish to donate to CC NEXT WEEK!! There will be a box in the main foyer area to put it in.

Contact Michelle with questions! miclyn3@gmail.com (Her original email here)

Watch this incredible video about how God prepared a family for an opportunity in Rwanda

Wow! How God uses CC & a Challenge fam in Rwanda!

Essentials is a Journey!!

Homeschooling allows us to adjust our children's education to meet their unique strengths and weaknesses. Below is a graphic that gives some ideas on adjusting the EEL portion of Essentials to best fit your student.
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Challenge Overview for Week 8

  • Challenge II is reading "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austin and discussing the marriage choices of the characters, and discussing Osmosis and Photosynthesis.

  • Challenge I is reading and acting out "Taming of the Shrew" and discussing Galileo's quote: “Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.”

  • Challenge B is researching Marie Curie and her Nobel Prizes (did you know her massive volumes of notes are still radioactive?) and writing a persuasive essay on a topic from "Where the Red Fern Grows."

  • Challenge A is working through 3rd Declension Nouns and bringing math problems from their own lesssons to class to teach to their fellow students.

Foundations: Digging Deeper at Home

History: Graphic of the Roman Territory from its birth to fall

Science Grammar: Vertebrates

English Grammar - can you (or your student) make up a sentence (or a paragraph) that includes all 5 of the prepositions from this week's memory work?

Science Experiment: More optical illusions

Director Spotlight: Melissa Rubert, Challenge B

This is Melissa's second year directing - her first was the start-up year of our community as the Foundations/Essentials director! That was 7 years ago this last summer and she has lived and breathed CC ever since. She is also the Area Manager for the lower half of the I5 corridor and all of Alaska!!

Melissa is married to Tim, and they have Dylan (ChB), Bella (ChA), and Faith (F/E). They are busy - including swimming, other sports, and caring for Tim's mom in their home. They love to be outside, camping, hunting, gardening, and are expert canners! Melissa has a great passion for Classical Education and the equipping of homeschooling families; she devotes a large portion of her time to training leadership and has been the significant figure in helping the communities in our state grow and thrive.
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