Liz's Norwex Party!!

Starts Tomorrow!! Here's How It'll Work...

Big image we're cool, and doing this over a week via a flyer instead of in one evening, but the picture above was too great not to use!

Norwex ROCKS!

I'm Kim, Liz's Norwex Consultant, and whether you're a newby or a pro...there's lots to check out.

Norwex has saved me hundreds of dollars a year, and made cleaning so easy, fast, and non-toxic! My Norwex items quickly became part of my...don't take my ________ away, group!

Remove 99% of all bacteria with JUST water, and a cloth!!?! Woah!

Big image

Did you say it ELIMINATES Superbugs in hospitals?!!!

The Norwex EnviroCloth (our workhorse) came about after many specialists pooled resources and money to find something to eliminate superbugs in hospitals. There wasn't (and still isn't) a chemical that could do it! The solution they came up with? You guessed it! Microfiber!!

To be called microfiber, the thread has to be 1/6th the width of a strand of human hair. Norwex made ours way more powerful by making our thread 1/200th the width of a strand of human hair (say what?!), AND encasing it with microsilver! The microsilver is a purification agent that rids the cloth of bacteria and contaminants as it drys.

Stay tuned to watch a very short video demonstrating this power with RAW CHICKEN that will blow your mind!!