Colonist's Monthly


George Washington

General George Washington's divine wisdom played a mandatory role in America's victory over Britain, announcing their freedom. Many disagreed with the thought of Washington being the general declaring he was too "average" and was not born into such a high position of power, as they were accustomed too. I believe that Washington was perfectly suited for the powerful position. Washington's control was moderate and reasonable in the sense he did not overstep any boundaries. His honest character is the reason he made such a great leader.

Thomas Paine

English immigrant, enlightenment philosopher, Thomas Paine, had a huge impact on the creation of America. His revolutionary theory of how the government should be ran shocked the colonies. His pamphlet, Common Sense, changed how the common people viewed politics. With his well-thought ideas and plans Thomas Jefferson was able to write the Declaration of Independence. On a personal level I stand by all of Paine's thoughts. He challenging views on the English King might have shocked some people, but it was a shock that needed to be heard.