Sims Freeplay

You half to play it

Sims Baby

The baby's name is Sophia London. She is the cutest in pink because the dark brown hair matches the pinks color. The baby's on the Sims take forever to get their bladder empty. She is never hungry (Crazy right?) The baby's in the Sims live in their cribs its so weird!

Decorations in sims

You cant two story houses when you first start (Stupid) The houses are all small if you don't make your own. The cheapest tvs in the Sims are super small and stupid.


Its kind of weird how you have to do a quest to get married have a baby and get money. The quests can either be hind of hard but super duper fun. Some quests you need 3 days to complete others you can complete in a few hours. Hope you start playing!!!