September 14, 2018

This Week's Recap....

Week 4 Recap:

Thanks for the great turnout at the 4th-8th grade Back to School Night. It was great to see so many interested parents and students. I hope that we have an even bigger turnout on Tuesday night at our PK-3rd grade Back to School Night.

The Cherrydale Farms Fall Sale is on! The deadline to turn in packets is October 1st. Please sell, sell, sell!

The book fair was just delivered. How exciting! Students have a chance to shop during school and it also is open after school for parents and students after dismissal. We need parent volunteers to work during the school day in the morning and after school. You can send your child with money to shop or make a deposit in an online account for them to shop from. Please see the link below.

We are also beginning our box top drive. These are very easy to find and save as they are on many common products that you already buy. Just cut them out, put them in an envelope or ziploc bag with your child's name and class, and put them in the box top container in the main office. Each month there will be a contest to see which class and student brings in the most boxtops.

PK-3rd grade Back to School NIght is coming up on TUESDAY NIGHT beginning at 7PM. Please meet in the church.

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Put them in the marked container in the school office. Put them in an envelope or ziploc bag with your child's name and class. This is a very easy fundraiser for our PTL as you can find these labels on many things you already purchase for your children.
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Back to School Night!

Grades PK2 thru Grade 3: Tuesday, September 18: We will begin at 7 in the church. After a short presentation, you will have a chance to visit your child's classrooms and hear from your teachers. Please be sure to visit the book fair.

The BEST things that happened this week...

Great turnout at our 1st Back to School Night

Band Demonstration - Be on the lookout for registration information

Volleyball teams win big!

Middle school library field trip

We celebrated Holy Cross Day.

An issue that you can help us with....

This week we had more than a typical number of students who were picked up early from school. We know that sometimes this is unavoidable because of appointments that cannot be scheduled any other time but please avoid this whenever possible. Convenience is not a good reason to pick a child up early from school. Please note that we have to track kids down that may be in PE class, on the playground or in any other specialty class and that is difficult. Plus, they may not yet have all of their homework written down for the day and the teacher cannot stop teaching to take care of that when one student is leaving. The class must continue.

If you do need to pick your child up early from school, kindly do the following:

  • Let the teacher know in advance. That way, the child can be ready with all of the materials needed.
  • If you do not let the teacher know in advance, call the office in advance, at least 15 minutes before you are planning to come to school. However, still understand that there may not be time for your child to have everything ready, including homework written down.
  • Do not come after 2:30PM. We cannot dismiss a child after 2:30PM unless it has been arranged in advance.

Background check authorization

If you wish to chaperone a field trip or help in the classroom, cafeteria, etc. in any way, you must complete an online background check authorization. It is good for two years and you will get an email when it is time to renew it. Completing this form takes less than five minutes and the results are sent confidentially to me directly. PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THE VOLUNTEER GUIDELINES. Many of you have done this already and the system is working perfectly.


Here is the link to the tab on our website:

Let's talk about birthdays at Holy Cross

We have had a few situations come up this year already and I think that we need to review the policy regarding celebration of birthdays.

We recognize that birthdays are very important to a student and that they like to celebrate with their class. That is wonderful and we are happy to help you with this. However, school is not the place for an elaborate birthday party. If you give your student's teacher proper notice, you are welcomed to bring store bought cake or cupcakes. You can bring goody bags for the class if you like. Please note that the teacher is not a party planner, so it is necessary for a parent or some other family member to come and facilitate the distribution of the yummies and goodies. Lunch time or at the end of the school day are best but please check with your child's teacher to confirm a time. Please do not just show up with a cake. When selecting a cake or cupcakes, remember that Holy Cross is a peanut sensitive school and thus does not allow any items containing peanuts. Make sure that you do not bring any items with peanuts.

Regarding birthday party invitations: You are welcomed to distribute these in school as long as the entire class is invited. If you are not inviting the entire class, please find some other method of distribution. It is very hurtful to a child to see their classmates get an invitation to a party while they do not.

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The Scholastic Book Fair is here and will be open Monday, September 17 thru Friday, September 20th. We will be looking for parent volunteers to help in the morning and also after school. Low cost books for all ages will be available.

If you wish to volunteer to help, please contact Mrs. Trujillo by phone or email her at

Here is the link to prepay for books for your child. I have tried it out myself for my granddaughter, and it took less than 5 minutes to make an account and add funds to it.

CLICK BELOW TO PROVIDE YOUR CHILD WITH FUNDS TO PUT IN AN E-WALLET TO SPEND AT THE BOOK FAIR. YOU SET UP AN ACCOUNT, LINK IT TO A DEBIT OR CREDIT CAR AND DECIDE HOW MUCH YOU WILL GIVE YOUR CHILD. It takes just a few moments. You can print the coupon and give it to your child or we can look it up when your child comes to the book fair if you let your child or the teacher know.

Middle School field trip to the Library

Our middle school walked to the library for a presentation by Author Lulu Delacre in recgnition of Hispanic Heritage Month. All students received an autographed copy of her book.

1st Grade reading under the sun

1st Grade class had a special visitor read to them today "under the sun" by one of our special parents, Carolyn Antoine. They loved it!


I would like to review our policy for illness, which is in accordance with the Department of Health.

The fact is that most children get sick. We do our part to keep the germs away by disinfecting daily and by closely adhering to the policies regarding sickness.

If a student is sent home with fever, vomiting or diarrhea, they may not come to school the next day as the law requires that a student be without any symptoms for at least 24 hours before he/she can return to school.

If a student has pink eye, impetigo, ring worm or any other communicable condition, they must come back to school with a Dr's. note.

Please help us keep our students (and our staff) well by not sending your child to school with illness. I know that it is difficult to make arrangements for a sick child but develop a back up plan now before it happens.

Speech Language Screenings

We will begin these next Monday. Forms have been sent home to students in PK thru 5th grade. This is a screening only. If it seems that further evaluation is necessary, you will contact Pediatric Therapy Center to discuss this and schedule a complete test. Many insurance plans are accepted. Please return the form if you want your child to be screened. Also, be aware that if a teacher feels that a screening would be beneficial, she may reach out to you and suggest this.
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Days off of school coming soon

There is no school on Wednesday September 26, Thursday, September 27 and Friday, September 28th. Our teachers will be attending the annual Lutheran Teachers Conference that we attend each year.

We will have OOS available on WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY ONLY. There will not be any childcare available on Friday, September 28th.

You must sign up in advance for OOS on Wednesday and Thursday. Below is a link to a sign up page. If you will need childcare, please click on the link and register your child. Breakfast and lunch will not be available on these days, they must be brought from home.

Please make plans now for your children. Don't be caught by surprise.

Click here to sign up on the SIGN UP GENIUS:

Ladies, this is for you.

Please join our ladies for coffee hour and a brief bible study on Tuesday at 8AM on the stage.

World's Finest Chocolate is Here!

If you wish to sell a box of World's Finest Chocolate for service hours, please visit the business office. You receive 2.5 stewardship hours for every box of chocolate you sell. And let's be honest... it really sells itself! Yum....
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PTL Cherrydale Farms Fall Sale KICKOFF

We had the kick-off event for our PTL's biggest fundraiser of the year, the Cherrydale Farms Fall Sale. All students were sent home with their Cherrydale Farms Sales Catalog. We encourage ALL of our families to get involved and sell items to friends, family and co-workers to help our school and PTL. As always, we will be having sale contests. More info will come home with your kids on Friday. Please support this. Orders must be turned in by Monday, October 1.

What's Coming Up?

Monday, September 17 until completed: Free speech and language screenings, PK through 5th. Form must be returned to authorize this evaluation.

Monday, September 17 thru Friday, September 21: Scholastic Book Fair in the auditorium.

Tuesday, September 18: Back to School Night PK thru 3rd Grade 7:00PM

Wednesday, September 26 thru Friday, September 28: No School as our teachers will be traveling to the annual Teacher's Conference.

Please note... OOS will be available WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY ONLY for those who register in advance. There is no OOS available on Friday as we have a very big event here at the school. Please arrange for childcare now for your child if necessary.

After school activity schedule

Boys VB - Wednesday and Friday, 3:30-5PM

Girls VB: Thursday and Friday, 3:30-5PM

Praise Group: Wednesday, 3:30-5:30PM

Student Government Tuesday, 3:15-4PM.

Please observe the pickup time. Students not picked up on time will be sent to OOS.

Please note that this includes the REGULAR volleyball practices. Sometimes a change must be made or an additional practice must be scheduled. Students are informed of this and should be responsible enough to carry this information home to you.

Lost and Found is Growing!

Please make sure that ALL JACKETS AND SWEATERS have a name clearly written in them. We already have a pile of lost and nameless items. Please check in the office if you are missing anything.
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Join our church family or just come and worship!

Or just learn more about our church and Christian beliefs in general. Pastor Bartels will be starting a class on Tuesday, September 11th. A light supper will be provided. Please call the church office at 305 893 0371 or email Beth Toenjes at

Worship is 10:30AM every Sunday. We have an education hour for all ages from 9:15AM to 10:15AM which includes Sunday school for younger children and bible study for older Youth and Adults.

We have a regular group of 5th thru 8th grade students who meet together on Sunday Morning in Room 14, all 5th thru 8th grade students are invited.

How to Contact Us:

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