The slippery slope

By written by lemony snicket illustrated by brett helquest


The genre is fiction because it is impossible for someone to have four arms⚓️.

Authors purpose.

The authors purpose is to entertain because it is impossible for a baby to cook food with out burning there self.

Point of view

The point of view is third person because the narrator tells most of the story.

Mood and tone

The mood and tone is sad and nervous.

Figurative language

The figurative language is the slippery slope and potted plants.


Violet,louse,and sunny were in a caravan heading up a mountain when count Olaf figured out that they were not freaks.Then a freak cut the rope that connected klaus and violet with the van. After that violet figured out a way to stop the caravan.Finaly they rescued sunny from count Olaf's clutches.
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Created by:

Ethan Nagy