Henry Ford

By: Donovan Dillingham

Biography of Henry Ford

Henry Ford was born in a farmhouse on July 30, 1863. He launched the era of the mass produced automobile. Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Car Company. Henry was also know as one of the great industrialist, He was a philanthropist. In 1880 he began working at the Dry Dock Company at the age of sixteen. He moved his wife to Detroit. Here he trippeld his salary very quick within years. His wife had a child.

How Henry Ford is going to be remembered?

Henry Ford is going to be remembered throughout the whole US because the Legecy of Ford motors is improving and making new safe and reliable , faster cars like the 2015 Ford mustang today


New 2015 Ford mustang

Goes 0-60 in 4.7 seconds real quick.
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Henry Ford Model T Documentary │ Full video │


What Did Henry Ford found?

How many decades did it take Ford to invent the modern age?

What did you have to give up to work with Ford?