Our Class News

January 15, 2015

This Week

This week in reading we learned about cause and effect. Ask your child to identify cause and effect in the readers he/she brings home in the book bag. Good stories to read for cause & effect are: If you give a Mouse a Cookie series, Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, The Napping House, The Snowy Day, The Runaway Bunny & Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. We learned the sound for ch and the sight words are & now. During writing we focused on using characters, setting & events in our stories as well as sound spelling, spaces & punctuation/ capitalization. The students have a checklist to use when journal writing reminding them of the important things to do when writing.

In math we continued our study of the numbers 16-20, learning how to build them with ten frames and write them. Ask your child to tell you about playing I have, who has with numbers.

In science we continued to learn about weather. We made a KWL chart last week about weather. We listed all the things we already Know about weather, listed all the things we Want to know about weather and have been spending time finding the answers to our questions and writing the answers on the Learned column of our chart. Ask your child to tell you some of the ways we found our answers.

Show & Tell

This week we will start show & tell. The students may bring an item that starts with whatever phonics skill we are learning (this week it is ch). I will not let them show something that does not correspond with our skill so please help me prevent tears and tantrums by leaving things at home that do not apply. After show & tell is over they will be asked to put their item away and leave it alone.

Food is okay and we can use it for snack if applicable. During this time we will focus on phonics as well as "public speaking" - using complete sentences, projecting our voices, body positioning, etc.



-return your child's report card envelope

-sign your child's behavior calendar nightly

-read with your child every night and sign his/her reading log

No school Jan. 19

Aimsweb testing Jan. 20-23

Practice phonics on starfall

Starfall is an excellent way to practice phonics skills we are learning in class. There is a short game for ch as well as sh & th which are coming up in the next two weeks.

Some students still need to practice letters and there are great games for that as well. Most of the site is free. There is a paid portion which we have at school but there are lots of great things on the free section. www.starfall.com

Raz Kids e-book access

Your child now has access to hundreds of electronic books to read at home AND you can write them on the reading log!

Go to www.raz-kids.com/login/mhoelscher0 and click on your child's name. There are books leveled specifically for your child to choose from. Your child can take quizzes to show understanding of the book. You can download an app for tablets and mobile devices. I will be sending a paper home with further instructions on setting up parent notifications via email if you like.

Mrs. Hoelscher's contact information

My conference time is 1:10-1:55

The school number is below, but feel free to text or call me at (512)426-6190 when something important comes up.

Things we've learned so far...

You can reinforce these things at home for review.



all 26 letters/ sounds; ch

Sight words (read & write/spell)

like I the a and see can we to yes no come me with my boy girl

Decoding strategies (figuring out unknown words)

point to the words

use picture clues

sound out the word

beginning sound and what makes sense




events in a story (B/M/E)


author's purpose

author's group information in ways to help us understand (informational texts)

making connections to something in the story or another story read

identifying topic of an informational book

cause & effect


Numbers (identify, build & write) 0-20

Comparing numbers 0-20

Sorting & organizing data

creating graphs

addition/ subtraction

Social Studies

  • why people work
  • needs vs. wants
  • why we have rules
  • community helpers
  • Verteran's Day


  • science tools/ lab safety
  • hand-washing/ germs
  • recycling
  • 5 senses
  • force & motion
  • magnets
  • properties of matter
  • weather
Numbers in the Teens (Have a Group of 10)- [a place value song for kids]