Digital Citizenship Project

Jazmyne D., Period 6

The 7 Rules of Citizenship

Digital Etiquette

RULE #1: Be kind.

Always make sure that you are nice to people and people that are in the internet a lot of the times and you have to be nice and tell people online or any where else to not Bully or Cyberbully

Information Privacy

RULE #2: Private Information.

You should never ever share your own personal information and when you are sharing private and own personal information is bad because people like hackers can also hack into your account making you lose your money and even if its a family member or someone you trust so much just still don't give your information which is really bad and losing to someone you don't know can even ruin your life.

Social Networking

Rule #3: Think Before You Post.

If you think that you will have to be posting on a social network like Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Kik,etc. Anyways you should always think of what your are gonna post and that if you post something that will make you embarrassing or your private information or else people can find you and track you down and to also steal your valuables.

Online Safety

Rule #4: Watch Whatever You Type In Online That You Can Search.

Online can harm you by giving out your own personal information that no one needs to know not even your family members nor your best friend except some info that your parents need to see but you should never ever tell anyone your password or other private information that you have.


Rule #5: Bullying Online.

When you are online or on a device you should never share your personal information or else you can be viewed by many people out there looking at a really embarrassing photo and this should not be shared because what if there are people who can laugh and tell everyone about this and then people then starts to bully you online but instead of calling it bullying online it is called CyberBullying.


Rule #6: Never Copy Off Someone else's Work.

Copying off someone else's work can say that your a cheater and that you cant always do your work all by yourself meaning you have no capability of being smart you are just being lazy and you always copy off whatever is on the thing you are trying to copy off of.


Rule #7: Copying Off Someone Else's CopyRight.

Ask the publisher to copy off their work to use what they had copyrighted.