Points of view

Different points of view

different points of view

human point of view

point of view of a bird insect and human

human point of view

Each eye sees approximately 150 ° on the horizontal plane and by superimposing both cover 180 ° . On the vertical plane they are just 130 °, 60 ° above the horizontal and 70 ° below . The visual field of each eye is monocular type , no sense of depth , with the vision of the overlap of the two fields of binocular type . The sense of depth or three-dimensional vision occurs in the brain when it overlaps and interprets both images.

insect point of view

some insects can see all big well all the insect are small

bird point of view

all the birds have a high point of view birds always are flying son they point of view is nice and the eagles have a better point of view because they fly more high and they have better vision even when they are a kilometers up the sky