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Nuclear Fusion can now be used as an energy source!

The Overview

On May 5th, 2016, I, Hunter McGee, and my lab, The Mcgeeium Lab, recently just found out that nuclear fusion can be used as an energy source.

How Nuclear Fusion Produces Energy

When deuterium and tritium nuclei fuse, it forms a helium nucleus, a neutron and a lot of energy. That is how nuclear fusion produces energy. Fusion produces clean energy, it has no chain reaction, very low fuel cost, and it has little to no nuclear waste but commercial power plants can be very expensive to build, and it requires extreme high temperatures.

Is it safe?

It is! The SEAFP said " Fusion has very good inherent safety qualities." Fusion has no chain reaction, and it doesn't produce any highly radiotoxic products. If an accident does occur it won't be able to reach confinement barriers.