Hodgepodge and Potpourri

Check out all of Mrs. Sandoval's AMAZING classroom resources.

Google Classroom In Minutes

Check out these easy-to-follow walk-throughs of the most common tasks performed in Google Classroom. Mrs. Sandoval makes Google Classroom accessible to ALL teachers.

Mrs. Sandoval Does It Again

One of Mrs. Sandoval's many gifts to the teaching community is this fantastic set of help guides for many of the Google Apps for Education. These slides give access to some of your most frequently asked how-to questions.

Reading Resources

Check out these online resources use for incorporating short fiction and non-fiction reading passages into your teaching.


ReadWorks has many great resources such as its Article A Day feature. Step texts and foreign language support have been added to accommodate a wider range of learners. ReadWorks provides high-quality texts that students can interact with to increase background knowledge and improve vocabulary.

Linguistica 360

Let your students engage in listening comprehension activities by listening to relevant, current news in Spanish spoken at a slow rate.

Black History Month is Coming!!!

As you prepare for Black History Month lessons, check out some of these resources.
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