Spaulding Staff Bulletin

January 4, 2016

Progress on Proficiency

As a school community, we have been working on transferable skills, identifying proficiency standards and looking at grading practices. Although the work is staggering, the progress that has been made thus far is noteworthy and deserves a KUDOS to the entire faculty!

Thus far, we have identified our transferable skills, created a rubric, and tweaked the rubric to better reflect our values and what we want to report to students and parents. There has been initial feedback about different reporting options and some scores that are not reflective of what our "gut" thinks it should be. After some modifications, we have found that powerlaw will be the best reporting method to indicate trends in student performance. Rick McGraw will be sending directions for setting up the gradebook using powerlaw, which we will implement at the start of the second semester.

With the focus of proficiency based learning on LEARNING, assessments for student learning come in a variety of forms. I encourage teachers to share ideas about how they are assessing student learning and how they are managing students revisiting assessments when proficiency isn't first met.

SHS Senior Survey - Class of 2014

One hundred twenty students responded to the survey from the class of 2014. Below are a few highlights from the survey (please contact me if you would like a copy of the complete survey):

My high school provided a good education - 71.7% agreed or strongly agreed (70.9% statewide)

My high school provided the guidance needed to reach my goals - 50% agreed or strongly agreed (61.4% statewide)

My high school cared about me as an individual - 68.1% agreed or strongly agreed (68% statewide)

My high school helped in learning the skills needed to be successful in work or college - 44.6% agreed or strongly agreed (54.3% statewide)

My high school helped me learn the skills needed to be successful in everyday life - 43.7% agreed or strongly agreed (47.2% statewide)

Classes are rigorous and challenging - 49.5% agreed or strongly agreed (50.3% statewide)

National Life Group - LifeChanger Nominee

Congratulations go out to Jan Trepanier, who has been nominated as a 2015-2016 LifeChanger of the Year. The LifeChanger of the Year program recognizes and rewards k-12 school employees and educators who make a positive difference in the lives of students. You can view Jan's LifeChanger nominee profile at To boost Jan's chances at the LifeChanger Spirit Award, please visit the website and click on the LifeChanger of the Year button. Good luck, Jan!