Weekly Update

Holy Trinity Catholic School November 19th, 2020

Thanksgiving Litany

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November 20th

On November 20th, the Public School does not have school, but we do have school! The bus schedule will be the same as October 30th when the same thing happened. The bus pick-up times were sent out to you. If you did not receive it or do not remember from the last time, please contact the school. Thank you.


Reminder that we do not have school on Wednesday, November 25th-Friday, November 27th. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!

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Tree of Thanks

Holy Trinity Staff and Students created a Tree of Thanks to showcase all the different things we are thankful for. It is hung in the school and will be hung in the church for all to see. Remember all that we are thankful for today and every day.

Thanksgiving-A lifestyle, not just a Holiday. Check out the link below

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Looking for a great Christmas gift? Consider ordering Holy Trinity Spirit Wear. Check out the link below to place an order. Orders are due by December 2nd and will be available by December 22nd.
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See the flyer attached for ThanksScriping Days Thursday and Friday, November 19th and 20th

Trimester Ending

The trimester is ending on November 24th for 1st through 8th Grade. Report cards will be sent home on December 10th. When you get the report card it will look a bit different this year with the use of Standards-based Grading. There will be no letter grades, but numbers. Many of the standards have not been fully covered so a number may not be given for many of the standards. When a standard has been fully covered, a number is assigned. You will have more narratives with the report cards for this trimester. The narratives will give you a better understanding of what has been covered and what they are working on. If you have any questions, please ask.

Grades can be an important measure of how a student is progressing, but they are not the only measure. I know that all of our teachers are more interested in each student doing their best, than the grade at the end of term. Our primary goal as a Catholic school is not only to have your child earn good grades; we want them to grow into men and women of faith and virtue, prepared to enter the next stage of their lives. We hope that they come to school ready to learn because they wonder about the beautiful gift of creation that God has given us, and they are in awe of the love that Jesus shows us each day.

The Catholic Church has always taught that parents are the primary educators of their children. Our school serves to assist you in the role, and by working together, we can have the greatest impact. I encourage you to check up on your child in a way that fits their needs. For a younger child, they may need more assistance, while an older child may need to practice taking initiative. Some students may be able to work independently, while others will need more support - even in the same classroom. Each student is unique, and each is a beautiful child of God.


Advent begins on Sunday, November 29th. We have different activities that we will be doing at school this season. This year, our theme will revolve around the Advent wreath.


Each week a new theme will be focused on. The four themes for Advent are: joy, hope, peace, and love. Classes will have activities to do talking about the theme and have an advent wreath in their rooms.


The whole school will be doing an Advent Kindness Calendar, reminding the students of the importance of being kind. We will have a bulletin board created and the daily deed will be announced over the announcements.


A scratch-off Kindness Calendar is being sent home with the oldest child in the family. This will help families prepare for Christmas. Please scratch off a snowflake and do the deed. Please take some pictures of your family doing the different activities and send them via email to holytrinityschool@htschool.net or principal@htschool.net. Thank you!


Because of the times we are living in right now, we are asking for our service project to go through your home and consider donating items to St. Vincent de Paul or GoodWill. You could also donate to the Food Pantry or make a donation to your favorite charity.


Matthew Kelly, along with Dynamic Catholic, have a daily prayer/reflection for Advent called, Best Advent Ever. If you are interested in this, look it up and sign up for emails. You will get daily emails with short videos and reflections. Consider keeping a journal of your own during Advent with your thoughts and reflections for the day. This is an awesome program!

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Calendar of Cash Winners

November 9 - Aiden Kanngieser

November 10 - Gwenn Petri

November 11 - Kristie Piwoni

November 12 - Joe Stephan

November 13 - Arlene Paulus


Mask Wearing

Just a reminder, if the mask mandate is not extended, we will still be requiring masks in school. It was in our reopening plan that masks will be worn and we will be continuing to enforce the mask wearing.

Thanksgiving Dinner

13th Annual Thanksgiving Celebration FREE Thanksgiving Dinner! See the picture for more information.
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A Note from Mrs. Longden

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I hope everyone has a safe, happy, healthy, blessed Thanksgiving. Please take some pictures of your families during Thanksgiving and send them to school.

Community and relationships are an important part of our families, our school, and even each one of us as human persons. Even our Christian understanding of God is relational. God is a trinity of persons, and he created us to love and to be loved. Our personal relationship with Jesus is incredibly important, but Jesus also left us a church to feed our natural need for community. Unfortunately the COVID pandemic has made it much more difficult for us to interact in meaningful ways.

As many of you know, I'm a big fan of the Star Wars movies. From the last movie, I was particularly struck by the intriguing suggestion that evil wants us to feel alone. Many things in our society encourage loneliness and isolation. Seeing the movie made me think about the importance of our community here at Holy Trinity. Being part of a community isn't always easy. Other people don't always do things the way we would, there may be disagreements, and we come up against the imperfections of others. However, being in a community helps us to grow and become better people. Jesus organized his followers and established a church for a reason. We learn from the book of Proverbs, "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."