Megazone Mayhem

To Live Is To Win


9-10;30 £19.99 pp 350 ammo

Half a day £29.99 550 pp 550 ammo

Full day £45.99 pp 1000 ammo

£2.25 pp (meals with drink and deserts)


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new product

Brand New Inferno semi-automatic paintball gun, including hopper. Rate of fire: 8 Paintball per second!
· Ammunition pack
· Full Camo suit and balaclava
· V-Forces safety approved full-face protection mask
· Unlimited propellant (compressed air)

All this for just £112.00

about us

We are a new paint balling business in the local area we include a wide variety of packages and products for people of any ages. from kids to pensioners we have we want to offer something for each generation. You are assured to play the best fields using state of the art paintball equipment. We use inferno's paintball markers powered by compressed air. Unlike most sites which used Carbon Dioxide; compressed air is like the Ferrari of paintball propellants. The accuracy and range of the paintball guns means that every shot will count. Don't settle for inferior equipment... we don't!


Monday, Sep. 9th 2013 at 10:15am-6:45pm

Harrogate, United Kingdom

Harrogate, England

All our packages for different events start from 10;15 to 6;45 if you are interested in having an event please book within these times

Opening times

Monday To Friday (8 -20:00)

Saturday (9-20:00)

Sunday (9-19:00)