Lineville Technology Class

By: Olivia Wilder


iTrailer is a fun program found in iMovie. In this project we made a trailer based on fun moments in our lives. You selected the trailer feature in iMovie and insert pictures and text about your topic. I enjoyed this unit because I could show the class a little about me.

Explain Everything

In the program explain everything we had to explain and solve a math problem. By doing this assignment it helped me figure out how to use explain everything. Mrs. Myers gave us the directions and we were in charge of putting the math project in explain everything and explaining it step by step. We had to include the problem on the first slide solve it on the next few slides. Then we had to add pictures for more visual learners.

Haiku Deck

Haiku deck is an app that it used to make presentations. We used this app to present our dream job to the class. We told the class about the goals and future we want to achieve in this career.


In the web browser, it teaches people of all ages basic coding skills. Videos would pop up on your screen explaining to you how to use each tool. For me it was a challenge but I still had a good time doing it.

Career Locker

In the unit Career Locker, we used this program to figure out our future career. Mrs. Myers was not our teacher for this, we had our guidance counselor Mrs. VandenBoogaard. She had us take tests so we could figure out of personalities a little bit more. I enjoyed this unit because it taught me more about what I do like and don't and some careers that i had never heard of.

Learn to Type/Typing Web

Learn to type is a web browser that teaches you how to type. There are different stages/levels that you have to complete. We started this program in fifth grade, in fifth grade it taught us the basics home row, bottom row, and top row. This year in sixth grade it went above home row, bottom row, and top row. I enjoyed this program because it was more self paced.