Technology used with animals

My interest based on this research

I became interested in this subject because I thought it would be nice to know if we actually have the ability to share our vocal communication skills with animals like orangutan apes, dolphins and dogs. I decided to do my paper specifically on these two types of animals because I would like to know if there is a good interaction between us humans and them what we could both gain through this use of technology. By figuring out how advanced we are to help those species to communicate back with us, this will also allow us to learn new things from them that we don’t know yet and we could possibly learn something that relates to our world revolving around them.


Throughout this research at first I truly did not know if I was going to find anything based on human communication with animals. But as I slowly started to research I came across these couple of articles that I found. This research soon to me became something more than just that a research paper. I quickly started to become more interested in this subject because like mentioned before technology does not hold us back from making this verbal communication between humans and animals but the amount of effort we actually put in. Lastly if we do get to develop a device that will transform what animals try to say to us it will gives us an opportunity to relate to our world revolving around them.