Mrs. Clark's First Grade Class


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Our exploration of place value concepts continued with "greater than" and "less than". Students learned a new game called "Monster Squeeze" to further this skill. In this game, students partner up. One partner chooses a number secretly. Their partner must guess the number. If they get it wrong, the other partner must say "My number is greater than____." or "My number is less than____". That partner moves the monster to demonstrate greater than or less than. The game continues until the monster squeezes the correct number. Here's a quick video to demonstrate.

Picture 007

Small Moments (Personal Narratives), continued

We continue to work on "small moments" stories. We are really practicing to stretch out our thoughts when writing. We are also working to remember the "conventions" of writing that we've already learned--sentences start with an upper case letter, spaces between words, and a period at the END of a sentence (not just the end of every line). We've also talked about writing DETAILS! The small moment story is a tiny seed in the big watermelon, so they have to really stretch out their writing to make it interesting to their audience!

Rock Prairie Spirit Night at Spoons

Tomorrow, October 22 all day, a portion of the sales at the Tower Point Spoons will be donated to Rock Prairie Elementary. Please mention Rock Prairie at check out. Faculty and staff members will be present between 5 and 8 pm. (I plan to be there from 5:30-5:45.) Come out, get some yogurt, and help our school!

Fall Party is October 31!

Our Fall Party is October 31 from 1:10-1:55. We will be decorating mini pumpkins and enjoying special treats. Every child should bring a mini-pumpkin by Wednesday, October 30. Additionally, we are in need of paper plates and napkins. Please contact Melinda Wood, our room mom, if you are able to help with those supplies!

Parents are welcome to attend parties and we hope to see you there!