K-5 Literacy Update

November 18, 2014

English Language Arts Standards Revisions

Proposed revisions to the English Language Arts Standards for grades kindergarten through fifth provided by the Georgia Department of Education:

- Of the 250 standards for Grades K-5, twenty-six have been revised and none have been added.

- Kindergarten experienced the most changes with 11 revisions.

- Grade 5 standards have not been changed; all standards for the grade remain the same.

- Grades K-3 each have fluency skills shifted from the phonics standards to the appropriate fluency standard (Reading Foundational Standards) to maintain vertical alignment.

- Reference to grade-level reading standards embedded in writing standards in grades 4 and 5 have been removed to maintain vertical alignment and reduce redundancy.

The feedback survey will be posted for 60 days of public review and comment from November 12, 2014, through January 10, 2015. The draft revised standards and public feedback will be presented to the Georgia State Board of Education on January 15, 2015, for approval.

Use the following link for access to the revised ELA and Mathematics Standards and surveys for feedback.


$1000 CASH Award

Letters About Literature 2015 Contest Rules and Guidelines

Theme: How did an author’s work change your view of the world or yourself?

Deadlines (entries must be postmarked by):

• Level 1 (upper elementary, grades 4-6 ) January 15, 2015

1 (one) National Winner per competition level to receive a $1,000 cash award. The judges will also select 1 (one) National Honor winner per competition level to receive a $200 cash award.

Letters About Literature is a reading and writing contest for students in grades 4-12. Students are asked to read a book, poem or speech and write to that author (living or dead) about how the book affected them personally. Letters are judged on state and national levels. Tens of thousands of students from across the country enter Letters About Literature each year. If you are in grades 4-12, you are eligible to enter the Letters About Literature reading and writing contest. Here are the Rules and Guidelines. Here is a Teaching Guide. The Letters About Literature Teaching Guide provides activities teachers can use to guide their students through the book discussion and letter-writing process. The guide addresses the LAL teaching strategies and ways in which the program can dovetail with national standards for teaching reading and writing as well as Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Also included are worksheets for duplication and assessment checklists.


Dr. Adrienne Simmons, K-5 Literacy Coordinator