By: Jesse Hammer

Marketing Information Management

On Friday's Chuy's has a Happy Hour with free chips and queso/salsa. Most popular, to me at least, is their Creamy Jalapeño sauce. Famous "Big as yo' face" Burritos, House Specialties. Targeted Audience is families, with a big, loud environment if kids are being loud and annoying, people won't care. Chuy's is a family friendly restaurant with a regular menu and a kids menu.


Business Franchise in multiple locations in Texas, and people buy the locations so Chuy's can build more restaurants in different locations in the U.S. in Texas there are multiple in Austin, Southlake, San Antonio, Denton, etc.


For Chuy's the pricing is great for the amount of food people get with the meal. My Personal favorite is the Taco Salad is around $9 and you get a giant flour tortilla chip with salad greens, guacamole, cabbage and for the dressing Creamy Jalapeño with your choice of ground fajita chicken, fajita beef, or seasoned serloin


For promotion, Chuy's announces the Green Chili Festival every year and sell shirts that involve Star Wars, Terminator, their Chuy's fish, and others.

Product/Service Management

Across locations, Chuy's restaurants share t-shirts, food, and environment with each restaurant that opens up in different places for the consumer to enjoy.


In Chuy's Headquarters in Austin, TX, Mike Young is the distributer of the Chuy's goods to other sister locations in different areas. Everything Chuy's, comes from Austin


Chuy's sells their food, t-shirts to the customer in return for money so that the franchise can keep doing what they do which is making good food.

How does Chuy's have me as a returning customer?

Every single time I go to Chuy's I am always impressed with the service, food, and over all atmosphere of the place with good prices on their products and t-shirts that are unremarkably original.

Marketing Target

Chuy's target is people who enjoy a family friendly environment with good tex-mex food made fresh everyday and people like me who like t-shirts that say I'm Nacho Father, I'll be Guac, and others with original designs

Job Types

Server- These are the people who serve the customers with the food and drinks and create the chill atmosphere

Bartender- Serves drinks to the people by the bar eating and treating them nicely

Hosts- Lead you to the table that best fits the amount of people you are with either big tables or small tables with 2-3 chairs.

These jobs are important to the success of the company because these people set the environment for the restaurant and overall well-being of the place. Plus these people with the jobs are nice to the customers even when the customer is rude to them. These kinds of people make the company a want to eat place with the way they are with the people