Week of March 21-25

Update on Eric

Hi friends,

I wouldn't normally include this in our staff newsletter but I figured it would be the best way to share with you all that has transpired this weekend. First, let me say thank you......I am humbled, overwhelmed, and so appreciative of the many texts, calls, and emails we have received. Eric and I are so fortunate that you are in our lives.

After being admitted to the hospital Friday evening, we have faced many setbacks but are hopeful for what the week holds. After a spinal tap on Saturday, the neurosurgeons realized that the fluid pressure was much higher than it should be, indicating what we have thought all along.......the shunt that was placed in September isn't working properly! So now what? First, they have run labs to eliminate multiple sclerosis. It seems he is showing many symptoms of that condition. As we wait on those labs to return, the neurosurgeons indicated repairing the existing shunt is not an option since his body has not responded to it so they were either going to consider placing a VP shunt into his brain or optic sheathing to take the pressure off his optic nerve. After seeing the neuro-opthamologist today, he told us the optic sheathing is not an option so a VP shunt in the brain is what we are looking at to help him feel better. Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday with many CT scans and labwork scheduled tomorrow in preparation. The surgery does worry us, as you can imagine, as the neurosurgeons will be placing a device around the ventricles in his brain.

Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated this week, especially Tuesday. Please pray for our doctors and that this is the procedure that helps him to find relief.

I appreciate all of you pulling together this last week before Spring Break! Remember, for many of our students, they are thrilled to come to school because they are at a place where they are loved, fed, and inspired. Spring Break isn't always sunshine, beaches, and family vacations for our students so keep that in mind as you hug them on Friday.

I hope I will return by the end of the week but if I don't, I do wish all of you a relaxing, well-deserved Spring Break with your families. I continue to be reminded this weekend how very important family and friends can be. My love and thanks to you all.......


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Monday: D Day

Military Monday - wear your red, white, and blue!

3:30pm AdvancED Standard 3 focus

Chorus to auditorium

Tuesday: E Day

Chorus to auditorium

4th grade classes to Congaree

End of the 9 weeks

RTI Data Conferences

7pm Chorus Spring Musical at RNE Auditorium

Wednesday: F Day

4pm Jennifer Grosse wedding shower at Stone Fire!

Thursday: A Day

ValuTeacher set up in the conference room

4th grade classes to Congaree

Friday: B Day

8:30am K-2 school chorus performance

9:30am 3-5 school chorus performance

Early Dismissal

1pm-3pm Michael Armstrong, Leader in Me consultant, meets with staff in cafeteria