Howard Schultz

CEO of Starbucks Coffee


Born on July 19, 1953, Howard Schultz was a poor child who saw an escape in sports, and later got a sports scholarship to Northern Michigan University where he earned his bachelor degree in business on 1975. He later joined with a small coffee shop in Seattle where he helped the company grow. He left the company, in 1985, and decided to raise $400,000 to open up his own shop. That was not an easy task as he had a pregnant wife and not enough money, but was offered $100,000 from a doctor who like his "taste in risk". Two years later, Starbucks was sold to him and it grew from there to what it is now with over 21,000 stores world wide

Howard Schultz is not only a hero to me because he opened up a successful coffee franchise, but because he has overcame so many challenges and he has gone from poverty to multi-million dollar entrepreneur. He took a failing company and made it into one of the most recognizable coffee shops in the world. A lesson he has learned would be that it is ok to take risks, because they might just pay off.

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