People who have traveled to another place

7Facts about immigration

1:more than 1million immigrants became (LPROTUS) in 2011

2:Of the new resedints 14% came from Mexico 7.9% from China and 6.4% from India

3:Every year more than half of new (LPRs) are current residents whose status is changed to permanent

4:Between 2009 and 2011 more than 70% of immigrants came from Asia and North America every year

5:More than 550,000 LRPs in 2011 were women and more than 600,000 were married individuals

6:By 2026 it is predicted that government will have a shortage of 20million worker

7:For the first time in 2012 the majority of babies under age of 1 were black, Hispanic, Asian, or another non-white race

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Why did Immigrants come to America

Many immigrants came to America seeking greater economic opportunity.

How were the living conditions for immigrants

Because most immigrants were poor when they arrived they often lived in the lower east side of Manhattan where rents for the crowded apartment buildings were called tenements

Where did immigrants play

Children played in the streets in a polish neighborhood and then after work children would play tag on the rooftop or swam in fountains.

Describe the type of games children played

Tag:one person has to tag someone if they get tagged they have to tag someone

Jump rope: take a rope swing it and jump through it

Cricket: you through a ball and then one person hits it with a stick and then runs

Checkers:move a peice across the board and try to get to the other side