Laura Ingalls Wilder

By Valeria Pena

Pioneer Girl

Laura Ingalls Wilder was born on February 7,1867 close to a place called Pepin, Wisconsin. She was a teacher in South Dakoto from 1882-1885. Her family later moved to Kansas. This is where she began to write her books. She married Almonzo Wilder in 1885. She published Littel House in the Big woods in 1932. Wilder wrote her last book in 1943. She died when in 1957, when she was 90 years old.

Laura's Family

Laura Ingalls was born on February 7,1867 in a log cabin near Pepin, Wisconsin. She had and older sister named Mary and two younger sisters. Their names were Carrie and Grace. She also had a younger brother. Her brother died when he was nine months old, and her sister, Mary, was blind.

Pioneer hardship

The Ingalls family went through a very hard time. Their crops were ruined by grasshoppers. Laura's father had to walk for many, many miles in order to look for work. They were close to starvation because of the winter blizzards.

Almonzo Wilder

Laura started teaching in 1883. Almanzo took Laura to her job every weekend. Then, Laura and Almanzo started dating. Laura and Almonzo got married in 1885. The year after they got married, they had a daughter named Rose.

A Time for Change

They had a daughter named Rose, and Rose told her mom to write a book about her life. Rose thought her life was exciting, but Laura thought that nobody would read her stories. She wrote her story but never published it. She only read it to her daughter Rose. So then Rose started to tell people about her mother's life.