#TeamHarv Scouting Report

Week of February 15 - February 19

Life Principle of the Week

FRIENDSHIP- a relationship between friends

“Be genuinely interested in people. Just try, and you can like almost everyone” - Author Unknown

The Weeks in Review

In Science, we have finished learning all about Earth Science. From layers of the Earth, to weathering and erosion, to landforms, and fossil fuels and how they are formed - We have learned a ton! There has been a lot of new vocabulary over this stretch of time and we are doing our best to make it meaningful and purposeful as we learn all of these new words. We've spent the most time recently covering fossil fuels and how they were formed over millions of years from the remains of dead organisms. Ask your students about how fossil fuels are formed and I hope you get a great tale!

In Social Studies, we planned a party! Students spent three days designing an end-of-year party for the grade level! They had dates, times, locations, entertainment, and even food and drink! Then we got to voting, and since it was an election year I decided to make it a Caucus. During our caucus many of the parties were deemed unviable as proposals and they were dead. What ensued was a chaotic scene where those new free agents were fought over to join a viable party proposal. It was incredible to see the passion for their proposals and to watch a caucus play out amongst 5th grade kids. In the end a winner was chosen for each class, and that idea was deemed to be brought forward before the party committee.

Unfortunately for these kids, there wasn't a real party (sorry guys!!). When I showed them a memo from the district about new party guidelines, sadly none of their parties worked. The new guidelines called for strict adherence to safety, health, and time constraints. To maximize learning, parties could only be held on certain days and in certain locations, and everyone had to pay a fee or could not attend! This idea was met with resounding opposition. Many boos were heard and thrown around as they were angry, upset, and frustrated that all their time was for nothing. This was perfect because it was exactly how the colonists in America felt towards Great Britain in the mid-1700s. Our kids got a simulated feeling of the frustration those colonists went through. Be sure to ask em about it!

On Deck: Science & Social Studies

Next week, we will switch from Earth Science to Physical Science and look at Friction as our first force. In Social Studies, we will be looking at the formation of a new country pretty soon as the delegates from the First Continental Congress will be meeting.


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Monday, February 15 - No School

Tuesday, February 16 - Boosterthon Pep Rally!

Friday, February 19 - Progress reports coming home!

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