Simon Birch Visual Project

By: Samuel Sticha


The theme of the story is no matter how big or small you are you can do anything you want to.

Simon Says "I think i'm god's instrument and he is going to use me to carry out a plan" (Simon Birch).

This shows the theme because Simon knows that he can help. He believes that even though he is small that he can do whatever he puts his mind to. Lastly he saves all the kids on the bus when they were all panicking and wouldn't listen to Joe.

Simon's Character

Simon interacts with others by being nice to Joe and is his best friend. Some people are mean to Simon but Simon ignores them. Simon was born a very small baby and is half the size of everyone in his grade. He is very energetic. He believes that god has a plan for him.

Simon Said "Stop, everyone listen to Joe" (Simon Birch)

3 Event in the story form Simon's veiw

I am very saddened that I killed Joe's mother. She was like a mom to me, and loved her a lot. I feel like it was all my fault ,and I feel bad for Joe .

I am very happy that i was able to find who Joe's dad is. I am very saddened though that it is reverend russell. I am happy at least that now he knows who his dad is.

I am very happy that everyone survived the bus crash. Also I am happy that I went back for that kid, and I am very happy that all the kids listened to me. I am very thankful that god had a plan for me to save all those kids from drowning.

Simon Birch Bus Accident