My Personality Poster

"The Advocate"

Advocate Definiton:

Myers-Briggs told me that I am an Advocate, an Advocate is said to be someone who is soft-spoken, will fight endlessly for anything they believe in. We are decisive and are very strong-willed but do not use this energy for personal gain very often. I agree that I am all the things that an Advocate is.


The Myers-Briggs test suggested that I am an introvert and I do not like to go to that many parties and stay secluded to myself most of the time and I agree. I would rather play video games then go to a party.


Advocates have a very vivid imagination and a strong sense of compassion and when we help people we try to use our creativity to find different ways to help solve their problems.


Being creative and having inspiration, we have the willpower, conviction, and planning necessary to do big things/projects to make the world a better place.


Advocates are very sensitive when it comes to someone criticizes us on our principles/values and are very vulnerable to conflict and questioning our motives is the quickest way to get on our bad side.