The New Era

Is America The New Rome?

There are astonishing similarities between the rise of the American state and power and the upsurge of Roman Republic. The Americans began their path to greatness breaking their ties with the British Crown and building a republic. Romans did the same with the expulsion of the Etruscan dynasty of Tarquins. So YES America is the new Rome.

News of Rome

The 112th Pope has decided to retire after many years of being the Pope. Fun Fact:The Pope lives in Vatican City Rome. Also a 19-year-old man, from the Ivory Coast, doused himself in petrol and set himself on fire in front of dozens of travellers and workers at Fiumicino airport, 10 miles west of the Italian capital. One of the officers was slightly hurt as he tackled him. The officer who tackled him was said to have a slight burn to his right arm but was otherwise uninjured.

Time Zone In Rome Compared to Monett, MO

The time here right now is 3:05p.m and the time in Rome is 8:05p.m. We are 7 hours apart. So if you plan on visiting this lovly place, make sure to plan ahead so you don't get there too early or too late.

5 Fun Places You MUST Go to in Rome

1.)The mighty temple of the pantheon.

2.)The Coliseum of Rome

3.)Trevi Fountain in Central Rome

4.)Monte Carlo(A Food Reasturant.)

5.)Vatican City(1 of the Most Cathlic Citys in Rome.)