Daruis The Great

Andrea Salas, Brianna Lozano, Litzy Ortiz

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  • Darius followed followed Cyrus in respecting religious institutions by allowing the Jews to rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem in 519 BC.
  • Darius reorganized the Achaemenid empire and created satrapies, territorial units that also served as tax districts.
  • Darius killed Gaumâta after a civil war broke out to end all war.

Do you think this person was a good leader? Why?

We believe he was a good leader because instead of making his own rules he followed the laws. He also cared for the people and their religious ways.

What was he famous for?

Darius was known for being one "the greatest of the Achaemenian kings." While being in rule he held the empire very well and also helped expand it. Thanks to Darius the Persian empire became one of the largest empires in the world. Darius also encouraged cultural beliefs and helped with introducing legal reforms and developed juridical systems. He also started many building projects including the construction of a new capital city called Persepolis.

Birth && Death

  • Darius was born 550 BC and died in 486 BC
  • He was 64 when he died.