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Notes from the principal

September is upon us. How quickly the time is going this year. Our students have settled into good routines and procedures and are growing smarter day by day.

Attendance is vital for academic success. It is important that if your child is well, they attend school every day. We also need them to be here daily from 8:00 - 3:10. Our attendance goal for the year is an average of 96% and currently we are at 95.9%. Please help us reach this goal by sending your child to school daily.

Coming in late or checking out early causes loss of instruction. Just 15 minutes a day, if picked up early daily, causes a student to lose at total of 45 hours of instruction which equals 7.5 days. While it seems like a little at a time, it all adds up.

Make sure and note that Parent Information Night will be on Thursday, September 15 and Fall Pictures will be Thursday, September 22.


Parent Information Night is Thursday, September 15. We invite parents to come to school this evening to learn what their child/children will be learning about at school this year. In order for parents to focus, we do ask that children not attend, but if it keeps you from coming, bring your child with you.

There will be 2 sessions -

5:30 - 6:10 p.m.

6:15 - 6:55 p.m.

If you have one child, you are invited to attend the first session and then you are free to leave.

PTO will be present in the building so that you can meet our current officers, join for $5 per family, and choose an area where you can support this year.


We are excited to have a new parent liason this year working with our staff. Her name is Viridiana DeAlencar. She is Bilingual and here to help. Mrs. DeAlencar will be helping with attendance as well as student and family support. Please feel free to reach out to her with any needs that you might have.


We are excited to have parents returning to join us for lunch. Here are a few procedures:

  • Make a reservation online from our school webpage.
  • Lunch visitors will need to present ID at the front desk to check into the building. You must also be on the child's contact list, meaning a parent or emergency contact. If not, parents will be contacted for permission prior to entrance.
  • Parents will meet their children in the cafeteria, go to room 300 to enjoy lunch.
  • At the end of lunch, return the child to their teacher in the cafeteria.
  • Parents are asked to head to the front and check out immediately following lunch.
  • Parents are not to be in classrooms or on the recess playground without prior permission from administration.

We look forward to having parents at lunch this year.


Student Handbook is located online. Below is a link to the handbook in both Spanish and English.

Student Handbook - English

Student Handbook - Spanish

School hours: 8:00 - 3:10 p.m.

Doors open at 7:35 a.m. Please do not drop students off before that time as there is no supervision.

Students are tardy at 8:01 a.m.

Dismissal begins at 3:10 p.m.

Visitors on campus:

Things to know about visiting our campus.

*Arrive at the front door and ring the doorbell (facing the doors to your right)

*Let the front office staff know what your need.

*Once you have communicated with front office staff, you will be buzzed into the front vestibule.

*An ID will be required to enter the main part of the building or check a child out. Please make sure you have it with you as you will be sent to get it.

Volunteering on campus:

We are hoping to have volunteer opportunities back in place this year for parents. Please remember that in order to volunteer on campus (reading to a class, going on a field trip, helping with PTO, attending class parties, etc...), parents must have completed the Volunteer Background check for the district. This must be completed for every school where you will volunteer so if you have students at 3 different schools, you must complete it for all 3 schools.

Volunteer Background Check


The 2021-22 Accountability summary has been posted on our school website. To see that summary, follow the directions below:

  • Go to "Our School/Campus"

  • Click “View School Profile"

  • Select “Accountability Reports”

  • Click “2021-2022"

  • Select "2022 Accountability Summary "



if you need to change your child's transportation, it is best that you send a note to the teacher. Email and/or Class Dojo is not a great option in the event the teacher is absent from school.

We ask that you limit changes over the phone by calling the front office to emergencies only. These changes must be called into the front office no later than 2:30 p.m.

Early check out ends at 2:45 pm. After 2:45, you will be instructed to get in the car rider line.


Once the year gets going, our car rider line is typically completed in about 20 minutes from start to finish. The first few weeks, like everything, will be much slower as the students and parents learn the process.

Below is a map of our car rider line. We ask that parents who are coming north on the feeder road enter the car rider line from Oak Ridge School Road (between the hotel and Saltgrass). Parents who enter from our driveway will be forced to turn left and find the end of the line as the right turn lane will be blocked.

In order to help the line move quickly, please display your car rider sign where it is easily visible. If you do not have a car rider sign, you will be asked for an ID before your child will be released.

We do not allow parents to walk up to the porch for drop off or pick up for car riders. Students may not be dropped off in the parking lot nor near the playground fence and allowed to walk. This creates a safety concern and therefore, is not allowed.

If you are in the car rider line and picking up a sick child, please notify the lady walking the cars and she will direct you to park and walk up to get your child.

If you need replacement or additional car rider signs, please call the front office or email your request to


Students can be walkers only if they live in the no bus zone. This is those who live within the 1 mile zone of the school according to transportation. If your child is eligible for bus service, they will need to either be a car rider or a bus rider.

We do monitor this and will notify parents if their children cannot be walkers.

Walkers are delivered to parents in the cul de sac at the fence cut through. We expect parents to be present to get their children from this area. If the weather forces you to drive your car to this location, we do ask that you carefully monitor all children to ensure that everyone arrives at their cars safely. Students who do not have parents present will be brought back to the school and parents will have to come over and get them.

Weather decisions are made at 3:00 p.m. and parents will be notified through Remind. Walker parents received an email with information on how to subscribe to that text message service. If you need assistance, please email us at


Each year parents who need breakfast/lunch assistance are asked to renew their application.. Breakfast and lunch are not free this year. For students to receive free or reduced, parents need to complete the online application and be approved. If you need assistance with the online application, please call the school and ask for Mrs. DeAlencar. She can assist you with this application.

As offers come in from different organizations to assist students with back to school clothes/supplies, Christmas gifts, food, etc...only those families who are on free/reduced lunch will be eligible to receive these services. Please use the link below to update your application:


Big picture


5 - Labor Day holiday

15 - Parent Information Night 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.

19 - ORHS Homecoming Parade

22 - Fall pictures


16 - Mrs. DelSalto

23 - Mrs. Giammatteo

27 - Ms. Jones

27 - Ms. Gensbigler

27 - Mrs. Anthony

30 - Mrs. Smith