See a whole new world!!!

Instead of one lense now we have "DOUBLE SPECTACLES"

"Tired of not being able to see near and far? Well thanks to my lovely invention I've created a set of double spectacles! Know you can see far for distance and near for reading. With the upper lens you can see far and the bottom lens is for reading so you are able to see closer objects.

This is for YOU!

People with the condition Presbyopia have you ever been upset that you can't read that great book or even see your child's drawing? Now you are in luck! No more losing focus and being unable to see up close objects because you can know buy a set of Bifocals! Which helps you to see all them lovely things you've been missing out on. You can purchase this item at any pharmacy for only $29.95.
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Benjamin Franklin

Born: January 17, 1706
Occupation: Inventor/ Politician
"I wanted to create a set of spectacles that helped people with sight disorders and wanted to create a device were people can see both near and far."
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