AIDS awarness


AIDS Awarness

30 years ago many peolpe where extremely scared about a newely deases called AIDS. AIDS is a serious issue that kills over 262 people a minute and 6000 people catch it a day.

AIDS stands for acquired immuno deficency syndrome and is caused by HIV human immunodeficiency virus. AIDS can't be caught in everyday living like a cold so kids don't have to worry. AIDS can only be caught by blood, bodily fluids, needles or any type of enjection that has been used on someone with aids and unprotected sex. No one has found a cure for AIDS but some scientist have been close to, but luckily scientist have found a vaccine to help prevent AIDS. In Africa 7 out of 10 people our diaganosed with AIDS, and more then half effected die from it. This is because in Africa not many people know about aids and know how to avoid it. A worldwide group called USAIDS helped in Africa to help women and men avoid AIDS and how to prevent sharing AIDS. AIDS is a big problem in this that many people are effected by and more people should know and understand about AIDS.