Blue Jellyfish

By: Briana Coins

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The Cyanea Lamarckii or Blue Jellyfish

• The Blue Jellyfish is a jellyfish with a blue or yellow tone that measures in 10-30 cm in length. This jellyfish has many stinging tentacles. The four mouth arms are large with many wrinkles and ripples.

• Located on the west coast of Scotland, the North Sea and the Irish Sea, sometimes with the Lions Mane Jellyfish found in the pelagic zone.

• Using a hole that serves as a mouth underneath their body the blue jellyfish eats zooplankton, worms, small crustaceans and small fish.

• Ocean currents tend to bring jellyfish into large swarms, floating with the currents. Although, when the jellyfish uses jet propulsion it pushes water in one direction and the jellyfish moves in the opposite direction.