Friday Fax-April 29, 2016

Week 33 on the Curriculum Map


A few things about the aging process....

  • Discounts are abundant
  • Dinner at 4:00
  • Everyday becomes a day to create more memories
  • Little things don't matter as much
  • Each day becomes a gift to treasure; not a day to complain and be unhappy
  • If you have a bad day, you have forgotten about it by the time you get home... or maybe even by lunchtime!
  • Your age can be used as an excuse for many things... if you want:)

Still staying busy...


May 3-Muffins for Mom-Grade 6 Middle School Presentation

May 3--1:00 IA(NOT BLS) report to Navy Room for training activity:)--promising to be fun--bring your ipads

May 9-20-NWEA window

My 9-7:15--Donuts with Seniors.. no, not Dave, Karie and Shari...ENHS Class of 2016

May 10-1,3,5 Music Program staring guest percussionist

May 12-PTO Luncheon for Staff Appreciation--KDG Screening 3:00-8:00

May 16-DAP Catering-Order forms soon will be forthcoming

May 17-Reading Buddy Dinner

May 18-Grade 6 Band Concert

May 19-Maker Day

May 25-TENTATIVE Field Day

May 27-Last Day-Awards Ceremony-9:30


  • From here on out....please give Jo ALL paperwork for sick leaves, personal leaves, PD etc... No longer goes into my mailbox:)
  • Please be sure to overly communicate field trips.. Office, Cafe, and Parents

Safety from Andy

Our fire drill on Wednesday was longer than usual. Some things to think about:

-Talk to students about moving quickly out of the building. They shouldn’t run but should move at a fast pace.

- Remind students that the drill is something to take seriously and that there shouldn’t be talking.

-If you have a small group of students form a classroom make sure that your radio person knows you have them so they can be ready to report when the students’ names come over the radio. It might help to jot their names down on a piece of paper and hand it to the radio person.