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Great Gatsby loses his sanity and let's people die because of it and he doesn't care. That's how much self control he has lost he is completely losing his sense of reality. He loses his sanity and does what ever it takes to reach his dream. He does what he would never do unless it where his dream that he were pursuing. The other characters in the story have lost their sanity and self control as well and are doing things that they never would have done if they hadn't been pursuing their dream and lost their self control. Self control seems to be the first thing that goes when pursuing a dream. You start to do anything and just start making the worst of choices for their future.

The people in Inside Job have lost their sanity and self control as well. They will also do what ever it takes and they don't care how wrong it is. They will do horrible things that no one would ever normally do because they have lost their self control while pursuing their far away dream.

In The Oath Steve has given up on Sanity and will do literally what ever it takes to achieve his goal of finding what has killed his brother. His self control runs out so fast that he stops sleeping and just goes for it. Very shortly after he loses his sanity and is willing to result to anything.

In High School Confidential the Teens will also do anything it takes even if it is not the best of idea. They lose self control and result to doing what ever even if it hurts others around them. The teens aren't quite as extreme as some of the other people but they have their own little niche and their own wrong doings because of chasing their dream.