Friday Focus

JSE Staff September 4, 2015

"Love Your People"

We I.N.S.P.I.R.E all learners. Thank you for your collaboration. Now that we have put our instructional model on paper...I would like to focus on our PD needs/interests for the year. Please complete the Google Form/Survey below. Thanks!

I have added one "Champion Teacher" technique to review. The other three are still listed if you haven't had a chance.

Open House Padlet-Check out all comments

Isn't this a neat tool! Another one to use in your classroom with a device or even the smartboard. Thanks for your input. We will look further at changing our Open House to the Monday before school starts. I agree, this will give parents an opportunity to visit the classroom, drop off supplies, meet the teacher, and learn of classroom expectations before the first day.

STAR testing is underway, please let Lisa know if you have make-ups she can help with or scheduling concerns. I realize the computers are slow to log-in, giving students assigned computers will cut down on the log-in time in the future. Next week, please print and send home STAR parent reports.

Next week we will return rejuvenated to take on the short week!

Enjoy the long weekend. Summer is back! ~Leigh

Continuous Improvement: Professional Development Planning

Professional Development:

  • Wednesday PL221 Committees meet. Please review the agenda and add notes on the shared PL221 doc for your committee. What does your committee want to focus on this year? What are the committee's collaborative learning interests for presenting to the staff? How will this be accomplished? Vertical articulation meetings will start in October.
  • Thursday we will meet in Tara's room for an RtI refresher and HA information. Kris Hemmersbach will be here to support our RtI needs.
  • Friday Mike will meet with grades 3-5.

Teach Like a Champion refresher...

The pdf below provides an excellent and QUICK summary of Doug Lemov's, Teach Like a Champion. Purposeful and Intentional: Take a quick look this week at Technique 1: NO OPT OUT,Technique 2: RIGHT IS RIGHT,Technique 3: STRETCH IT, Technique 4: FORMAT MATTERS *scroll down to page 3.

"NOTE that Lemov often refers to minimizing “transaction costs” – meaning doing interventions with the least disruption possible and as quickly as possible so as not to take time and attention away from teaching and learning."

I encourage you to skim through these and include them in your instruction next week. Just a plain ol' good refresher!


  • Classroom schedules, please e-mail or share with me through Google a digital copy.
  • Review the four techniques above.
  • Complete the PD Form-Survey
  • Send home STAR reports.
  • Turn in 100% Effort Work.
  • Spirit Fridays, wear your orange and green!