by:Russell Horning

Description of Albinism

Albinism is a genetic disorder in witch your body has a lack of melanin. Melanin is a pigment in your body that creates the color in your skin,and protects it from sunburn. Albino's are very sensitive in many ways. they have skin that will barely tan, and eyes that have very little protection against the sun. Albino's also have strange colored eyes that can be yellow,blue,and violet. Albino's have either white or yellow hair.

Cause of Albinism

the only way a child can get Albinism, is if the 2 parents each have it in thier genes. Albinism is a recessive trait. whitch means that 2 of the undominant alleles come together in that child. In this punnett square, the TT, Tt, and Tt will create a normal baby,but the tt will create an Albino child.

Interesting facts about Albinism

It's not just humans that can be Albino. More animals have Albinism than humans. When you are in the woods and you see a white squirrel, bunny, or rat, that is white, there is a chance that that animal has Albinism.Albinism is very rare, so rare that there are only 20 thousand Albino's in the U.S.

Detection, and Treatment

Because the amount of Melanin is set when you are born, there is no way of replacing that melanin to abolish the Albinism in your body. Most people who have Albinism have an ancestors that also had Albinism.