Westwood Weekly

Week of December 13, 2020

Updated Tentative Return to School Date Monday, December 21

Distance Learning Update - Attendance Notifications

Attendance during distance learning is extremely important to the success of our students, yet it can be difficult for parents to monitor. To support our families we have implemented an automated system that notifies parents when their child is absent. This is a relatively new service that is aimed at improving communication between Westwood High School and our families. If your child is absent you will be notified at 10 am and 2:15 pm. If you receive notification, please contact the office to excuse your student.

Tips to help Students stay organized during distance learning

Tips to Stay Organized During Distance Learning | Cedars-Sinai

School Meals Program Update

WHS students are eligible to participate in the District’s school meals program. School provided breakfasts and lunches will be available for pick up at WHS between 8:30 am and 9:00 am on Mondays (for Mon/Tues meals) and Wednesdays (for Wed, Thurs, Fri meals) each week unless indicated otherwise. Please contact the WHS office at 485-1023 or Melissa Maki at 485-1021 ext. 7113 or email melissa@nice.k12.mi.us and ask to be added to the meal pick-up schedule.

Westood High School Distance Learning Plan

Westwood High School Athletic Schedules

For all Westwood High School Athletic Events. Please note that schedules are subject to change.