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People of Africa, Convert to Islam for these benefits!

Become Part of the Swahili Culture!

Ever wanted to have the benefits of being Muslim, but still keep in touch with your traditional African culture? Well, now you can! The Swahili culture is a mix of traditional African beliefs and Islam. It originated in East Africa. If you join, you will be lead by a very wise sultan.

What You Can Learn as a Muslim

If you join Islam, you could be selected by a Muslim school to be taught the Arabic language which can help you preserve African culture and history. Arabic is an important language for education and Government.

If You Join Islam, the Government Will...

If you join Islam, the government will be led by a king. Africans who accepted Islam also adopted Islamic laws and ideas. However, changes were opposed by people who favored traditional African ways. On the right we have a map of where Islam spread in Africa based on government choices.

Join my Clan!

My name is Sultan Bob and I'm looking for members to join my glorious clan!

Islamic Art and Architecture in Africa

Islam influenced art and architecture in Africa with their idea of mosques and palaces. As of now you can go to these beautiful mosques in Timbuktu if you convert to Islam right now. Another example is the Great Mosque of Djenne in Mali, Africa.
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