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NWEA Update

Congratulations on completing your first NWEA testing window.

  • Remember to submit your Assessment Coordinator Verification Sheet to Epicenter by October 21 or as soon as you have your window complete
  • If you have already completed testing, please email Charissa ( to let her know.

Michigan Assessment News

For the most up-to-date state assessment news, please make sure that you are subscribed to the Michigan Department of Education Weekly Spotlight. This newsletter is where important updates concerning all state mandated assessments is contained.

  • Online testing: All testing is recommended to be completed online. This includes the WIDA ACCESS 2.0. It is the Ferris Charter Schools Office strong recommendation that all state testing be administered online. There are many reasons for this, but the primary reason is to provide results, when released, in a timely fashion. Please contact the Charter Schools Office SOON if you are planning to request a waiver for online testing, and the reasoning behind the waiver. NOTE: Any school that administered testing online in 2015 will be expected to administer online in 2016
  • The August 20th Spotlight included the Spring 2016 testing Window.

  • 2016 MME Test Administration Live Webcast will occur on November 4, 2015. This is a date change. If you are involved in administering the MME, SAT, and ACT Workskills assessment, I would strongly encourage you to attend this webinar.
  • SAT Implementation Workshops have been added; there is also an online webinar version.
  • FREE SAT Assessment practice is available through Khan Academy for all Michigan students. This includes access to four official full-length practice tests that are available to students. Students who take these assessments will get immediate feedback and personalized practice through the Khan Academy. This is all FREE!!
  • Keep an eye on the KEA administration updates. Although at this time the KEA is not a required assessment, more and more

Educational Goals

A new educational goal policy was released to schools in late September. The webinar PowerPoint will be accessible via the Charter Schools Website within the next week. If you’d like the presentation to use with your staff or boards, please do not hesitate to contact Charissa Talsma: , 231-591-5805

Upcoming Events

  • October 27: School Leadership Institute
  • November 16-17: Michigan School Improvement Conference

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