The Progressive President

"Do what you can, where you are, with what you have."

Theodore Roosevelt Biography

Theodore Roosevelt was born in N.Y.C in October, 1858. Roosevelt lived in New York City the whole time he grew up. Teddy Roosevelt had 3 siblings a mother and a father. Teddy was homeschool by his mother. When teddy was a young boy he was very energetic and always trying new things. Teddy was also very sick when he was young. he had very bad asthma and had horrible headaches.

Proogresive Party

Teddy Roosevelt created the progressive party in 1912, after he became president. He started to change the way politics worked. he made a speech in 1906 called "The man with the muckrake" to show how horrible life was for the poor at this time. after that speech people started to do something about it. when Theodore Roosevelt became president he promised the squared deal. the square deal id when everyone is made equal in the whole country. Teddy Roosevelt was a very progressive president and took a stand for what needed to be done.

What were Priesident Theodore Roosevelt's accomplishment?

Theodore Roosevelt made a lot of accomplishments during his presidency. He lead the Americans during the Spanish American war and led them to victory. he helped build the national parks and he also helped with the building of the panama canal. President Roosevelt passed two laws. One was the meat inspection act which helped the meat was processed and the pure food and drug act which helped the way food was produced.

Why Teddy Roosevelt?

I wanted to research Theodore Roosevelt because he changed the way politics worked and he help our country become a better place for everyone including the poor.