BETC Business Level 3

Studying Business At A-Level

What's the course about?

The business course is made up of units - Chunks of work you are to complete to pass business. Business units include:

  • Business Organisations
  • Using Office Equiptment
  • Customer Relations
  • Business Online
  • Providing Business Support

There's no exam?

As you way well have heard, There's no exam on a BTEC business course! (it's already sounding great, I know.) All of your work is assessed and you are given a BTEC grade, ranging from a pass to distinction.

These grades are equivalent to 'proper' A-Level grades:

· A Pass at A-Level is the equivalent to an E Grade

· A Merit at A-Level is the equivalent to an C Grade

· A Distinction at A-Level is the equivalent to an A Grade

£26m New Building - with Business Suite

At West Lakes Academy, We recently moved into our state of the art new building, Including professional level resources and equipment. We also have a specialized business room, set out as an office environment, readying you for a proper business environment.

What do you get from business?

When you complete the business course, you will have refined your business knowledge and be ready for further study, or employment. Business at A-Level will enhance your opportunity for employment, further study and business apprenticeships.