BTSD Internal 21st Century News

The 12-22-15 Issue

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Google Apps News

Here are some Google Tips for this issue:
Fluburoo has some new updates. (Extra & partial credit features)
Duplicate Browsing: If you ever find the need to have the exact same thing that you are looking at opened in a new browser, simply click on a new tab, then right click & choose Duplicate. A great example would be if you are reading an email but need to search through other emails without leaving the email you are reading.
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Creative 21st Century Scholar

The "Creative 21st Century Scholar" for this issue is: Stephanie Caracci

Stephanie recently attended a workshop on our MAP program. Stephanie dug deeper & learned something that wasn't taught to us at the workshop. She found that NWEA (MAP) has partnered with Khan Academy to post direct links to activities within the Khan Academy website based on a students RIT math score.
Here is an example link: (They are categorized by grade level.)
They have been posted on the BTSD Internal Math Training site too:

If you are in the NWEA site, here is how you get there:
- View Reports
- Select Learning Continuum
- Scroll past Class View and Test View
- Select Khan Academy Resources by RIT
- On the right, select MAP to Khan Academy for the correct grade level.

Kudos to Stephanie Caracci

(Each issue will feature

a new staff member or a new idea.)

Previous 21st Century Scholar's

November 2014: Joe Tyler

December 2014: Jessica Estep

January 2015: Danielle Beebe

February 2015: Jay Jones & Kevin Monaghan

March 2015: Cheryl Weldon

March (Special Edition) 2015: Myra Manus

September 2015: Katie Goslin

October 2015: Jackie Ballard & Gina Zimecki

November 2015: Melissa King

December 2015: Stephanie Caracci

Do you know someone or feel you are a worthy candidate for the "Creative 21st Century Scholar" recognition? Please send an email out to any of the Google Clusters along with a brief description of your impressive initiative.

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21st Century Learning News

Hey Social Studies teachers, here is a new site that provides a quick contest based approach to learning the Northeastern States:
There are other games on here as well.

Hey everyone, here is a great site to use for a small group brainstorming session as you embark on a project. Click the video for a quick 1 minute tutorial.

Ok, one more. Do you want to have a "parking lot" style discussion with your classroom? Or maybe a 21st Century Interactive Word Wall (or notebook). You can now accomplish this digitally. Check out this site & click on the 3 minute video to see all the cool features. (This is one of my favorites!)
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Do you have other questions?

Please feel free to reach out to any of us.

BBY: Reshma George - Mathew

FWS: Shawn Fitzpatrick

BTMS: Dianna DeFiore

BTHS: Sheri Einhorn

District: Kirt Thomason

Don't forget to check out the BTSD Internal 21st Century Learning website for all this and more archived information.