Advisor Update November 2017

SkillsUSA Michigan

This newsletter contains the Advisor Update and the SkillsUSA Flash!

2017-2018 Membership Dues

The 2017-2018 membership dues are:

Student: $14.00 = $8.00 (national) and $6.00 (state)

Professional: $26.00 = $20.00 (national) and $6.00 (state)

2017-2018 Membership Registration Deadlines
November 15, 2017 is the deadline for your initial membership registration to be submitted to the National Office to be able to receive all four issues of Champions Magazine and free teacher items. All rosters are to be submitted online at Schools are encouraged join by November 15, 2017 in order to ensure full membership services for the year.

January 15, 2018 is the deadline for your final membership registration to be submitted to the National Office. All students must be paid members of SkillsUSA Michigan by January 15, 2018 in order to participate in regional, state and national competitions and/or conferences. If you have any questions/concerns about this deadline, please contact me!

All membership registrations must be submitted online at Paper rosters are discouraged. Please make sure that all membership checks are sent directly to the National Office. When registering, be sure to also register your section under the specific program name, not just Mixed Training. This information is very helpful to the national office in determining what programs are at what schools.

Hi Five Membership Increase Program

SkillsUSA Michigan is pleased to announce a new membership incentive program, sponsored by the Michigan Department of Talent and Economic Development.

Existing and new chapters that increase both their membership and their Regional or State Conference participation will receive a $250 credit on their State Conference Registration fees and will be recognized at the State Conference. Click here for details:

Membership Incentives
SkillsUSA Michigan is encouraging each chapter to increase their membership this year. Each chapter that submits their membership by the due date listed below will qualify for the following incentive(s). Membership must be submitted online at by the due dates in order to meet the requirements.

National Incentive: Membership Submitted by November 15, 2017

  • As a special membership incentive, register at least 15 student members in your training program plus one or more professionals by Nov. 15, and you will receive a you will receive a free educational resource item, Impact: Experiential Activities that Launch Productive Teams (value $9.95).
  • Instructors who register with 100-percent membership plus one or more professionals will also receive a SkillsUSA Program of Work calendar (value: $5.95).

State Incentive: Membership Increase by January 15, 2018

  • For every five member increase over last year’s membership, the chapter will receive one entry into the drawing for a SkillsUSA blazer, a $125 value.
  • Both student and professional members are included in the chapter’s total membership.
  • Drawing will be held at the State Leadership and Skills Conference in April.

State Standards of Excellence Program

SkillsUSA Michigan was recognized for achieving Level 2 of the State Standards of Excellence program. Started in 2017, the purpose of the State Standards of Excellence Program is to ensure state associations have in place policies, procedures and structures that deliver a high level of service to its members. In the first year of the program, 19 states were recognized for achieving Level 1, 2 or 3.

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2017 Fall Leadership and Professional Development Conference

The Fall Leadership and Professional Development Conference is a great way to kick off your year and to motivate your members to have a great year with SkillsUSA Michigan. The conference is a combination of team building activities and breakout sessions on SkillsUSA with special professional development sessions specifically for advisors. The registration fee for the conference is $40.00 per participant (students and advisors) and includes registration materials, and lunch.

The Fall Leadership Conference is November 15, 2017 at the Lansing Center in Lansing. Registration is as follows. More information is available at An electronic registration form will be used, so please read the instructions carefully! Faxed or mailed forms will not be accepted!

  • Final Registration deadline – November 3, 2017

Envision Tomorrow Today Newsletters Sent

The Fall 2018 issue of the Envision Tomorrow Today newsletter was sent to all Lead Advisors last month. Your school received a copy for each SkillsUSA Michigan member in 2016-2017. Please be sure to distribute them to your students. The newsletter is also posted on our web site at

State Honorary Life Membership and Outstanding Service Award

Nominations are now being accepted for the State Honorary Life Membership and Outstanding Service Award. Honorees are determined by the SkillsUSA Michigan Executive Council at their January meeting and the awards are presented at the State Conference in April. A description of each award is below:

  • Honorary Life Membership - Nominees are individuals from Michigan that have been involved at the state level for a length of time. They can also be involved a the regional and/or national level. This award has been presented in the past to retired advisors or another deserving person.

  • Outstanding Service Award - Nominees are individuals or companies from Michigan that have been instrumental at the state level. This award has been presented in the past to a business representative, company or another deserving party.

Nominations are due December 15, 2017 and can be made only via our online Membership Award Nomination form at

SkillsUSA Night with the Detroit Pistons

SkillsUSA Michigan members will have a one of a kind opportunity to meet professionals who work behind the scenes for the Detroit Pistons on November 29, 2017. Guest speakers will cover many aspects of the industry including marketing, sales, communications, public relations, internships and more. At the end of the day members will be guests of Little Caesars Arena as they watch the Detroit Pistons. Register early to ensure that your chapter members won’t miss out on this awesome opportunity. The registration form is available at and is due November 15, 2017.

2018 State National Anthem Contest
A SkillsUSA Michigan member will be selected to sing the National Anthem acapella at the Friday Opening General Session on April 20, 2018 at the State Conference. Interested members must submit an audition CD or flash drive of them singing the National Anthem in order to be considered. Student must be a current member of SkillsUSA Michigan and must pay the State Conference registration fee. All audition CDs or flash drive must be sent via US mail to the State Office and received no later than January 12, 2018. More information is available on our web site at

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SkillsUSA Flash

Use These Tools to Make Recruitment Efforts Count

The key to a successful chapter is the ability to recruit and retain members. Recruitment is an ongoing process and should involve as many current members as possible. If you are starting a new chapter, all it takes is a few interested students to help get the momentum going. When members and advisors focus on the goal of ensuring that every eligible student has the opportunity to be involved in SkillsUSA, it makes recruitment easy. Many tools are available to help:

  • The heavy lifting has already been done for you. Check out the top 10 recruitment ideas that are tried and true from experienced SkillsUSA advisors, found in the Membership Recruitment Ideas document.
  • Have students take the lead by personalizing the Meeting Promotional Fliers with information specific to your chapter and then hanging the fliers around the school. Encourage students to talk with other students and teachers about the benefits of SkillsUSA as they travel around the campus.
  • Using the posters from the Membership Kit, create a bulletin board in a prominent location in the school. Get a few of your members involved. They will have an incredible time working together and create something that will have an impact on membership recruitment. Incorporate the SkillsUSA theme for the 2017-2018 year into your recruitment activities: SkillsUSA: Champions at Work, Job-Ready Day One.
  • Using SkillsUSA’s new Brand Center will guarantee that you create a strong visual identity within the school. The interactive website makes it easy for members to download existing SkillsUSA logos (national, state and slogan art) as well as the SkillsUSA Framework art. An all-new function allows local members to create their own personalized SkillsUSA logo with the name of the chapter. Members will be asked to register when first visiting the site, which enables them to save specific sections as favorites. This will be a unique login and password and is not tied to our registration system. Learn more at:
  • Capture students’ attention with the Kickoff Video and Student Message by SkillsUSA Executive Director Tim Lawrence. Post these on social media or your campus website. Seek creative ways to get the word out about SkillsUSA.
  • Hold a membership recruitment drive. Create incentives for students to join, including door prizes, drawings and special snacks. It is amazing what motivates students, so consider putting together a committee to organize and run the membership recruitment drive. Their ingenuity and excitement for SkillsUSA will quickly spread.
  • Use the SkillsUSA PowerPoint during class to introduce students to the organization or during an open house when parents are present. If possible, have parents and students seated and present the PowerPoint to them. An extra bonus is to have SkillsUSA members present selected slides or give short testimonials on why they benefit from being involved in SkillsUSA. For additional ideas, check out the Ideas for Using the SkillsUSA PowerPoint.

Ultimately, membership recruitment is an opportunity to showcase your CTE program to the school and community. Don’t miss the opportunity!

Free Access to Autodesk Software for SkillsUSA Instructors

Autodesk, a SkillsUSA sponsor for over 20 years, is once again providing SkillsUSA students and educators with free access to its software. Autodesk shares our goal of preparing students in STEM-based careers and creating an industry-ready workforce. To register, visit the Autodesk Education Community at:

New Public Relations Challenge Opens

A new online challenge encourages local chapters to demonstrate how they showcase SkillsUSA to the news media in ways that highlight CTE and student success. The purpose of the challenge is to help students grow in their communication and teamwork skills while promoting SkillsUSA to a wider audience. The SkillsUSA Public Relations Challenge will be open to March 30. The media coverage period must be three months to six months.

Student officers and advisors, state officers and state staff can join the new SkillsUSA Public Relations and Advocacy Facebook group, “Must Love Red.” This is a closed group that will provide resources for your public relations and advocacy efforts. We encourage your students to join this site at:

Three schools will be selected as winners. One state officer team will also be recognized. Winners will receive a check payable to their school or state association.

  • SkillsUSA Media Champion (first-place school or section): $900
  • SkillsUSA Media Boss (second-place school or section): $300
  • SkillsUSA Media Whiz (third-place school or section): $200

The SkillsUSA Public Relations Challenge entry application is located on the “Must Love Red” Facebook page. You must complete an application and document all news coverage. For details, contact Karen Kitzel at or 703-737-0607. For complete rules, go to:

Service Grants Spread Kindness

To support high quality, youth-led community projects, Youth Service America and Hasbro will award “Be Fearless Be Kind” grants of $500, $1,000 or $2,000 to K-12 schools and U.S. nonprofit organizations. Projects must take place between Sept. 18 to Dec. 15. Applications will be accepted and grants awarded on a rolling basis until Oct. 31 at 5 p.m. EDT. To learn more and apply, go to:

Fall Leadership Conference

Wednesday, Nov. 15th, 9am-2:30pm

333 East Michigan Avenue

Lansing, MI

State Leadership and Skills Conference

Friday, April 20th 2018 at 12pm to Sunday, April 22nd 2018 at 12pm

Grand Rapids, MI, United States

Grand Rapids, MI

National Leadership and Skills Conference

Monday, June 25th 2018 at 12pm to Saturday, June 30th 2018 at 12pm

Louisville, KY, United States

Louisville, KY