The Water Providing Society

Water Scarcity in Africa

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The Problem

The lack of clean water is effecting the health,sanitation,education,and hunger of thousands of people and making them suffering to death from all over the world,especially ones in Africa. More than 3 million people don't have access to drinking water. With your help, we can support poor families in Africa for about the next 100 years.


Diseased water causes thousands of children to die everyday from preventable diarrheal diseases. 85% of diseases are caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation. About 17 million Kenyans lack safe water, and about 60.7 million people in Nigeria don't have access to safe water. Moms and their children have to wake up early every morning to walk miles to a source of water, which will most likely already be full of diseases, and carry it back to their family on foot which can also hurt their backs and necks. Simply washing your hands could halve the number of diarrheal cases.

The Solution

To help this problem, we could provide more sources of water around. Wells, dams, and even rain catchment systems will be installed all around the areas where there is a population. The water will be kept fresh with a desalination device that will be planted down. There will also be a will keep the water cool so that it won't condense into the sky. This way, families won't have to walk as much as they used to get water, the water would be fresh to drink or use for health/hygiene purposes, and the water is easily accessed. If you could kindly donate, your money would go towards paying for these systems and or towards providing health care for ones who are ill because of water issues in Africa.