¨Little Havana¨

Cuban Immigration

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Before We Start

Cuba is one of many countries whose people immigrated to the United States in order to live a better life. The flyer will discuss where Cuban immigrants have settled, the employment as well as other important facts.

When did the Cuban immigrants come to the United States?

They mostly started to immigrate in 1959. (1)

Why did Cubans immigrate to the United States?

They mainly started migrating to the United States due to political reasons such as, Fidel Castro and his Communist regime taking over Cuba. Castro's government would try to imprison as well as execute those who spoke out against his government.(1)

Transportation to a Better Life

The United States actually provided services into bringing the Cubans to this country. For example they opened up a port so anyone wishing to leave Cuba was free to do so, also they allowed immigrants to enter the United States through airplane. (1)
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How many people arrived?

As of 2013 there are more than 1.1 million Cuban immigrants in the United States. (2)


During the first few years, Cubans were kindly received in the United States, it was during the 1980 that things started going downhill due to the fact that Fidel had sent mentally unstable people and criminals to the United States. As of today they are being discriminated towards. (1)


Florida was where immigrants began to settle since it was close to Cuba. The city in which they settled was mainly Miami where they had a section named after the Cuba capital; Little Havana. (1)
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Cuban immigrants would typically find jobs in sales, office productions, transportation, and moving material. (2)

Contributions to the United States

Cubans make up 25% of all businesses owned in Miami, they are very educated and have also contributed to the Cuban cigar. (1)