HS Next Week - Quick Notes

September 16, 2021

Parent / Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences are right around the corner and will be held in the high school as follows next week:

● Thursday, 9/23, from 4pm - 8pm **Early Release @ 1:30pm

● Friday, 9/24, from 8am - 12pm **No School for students as usual

The high school will be doing open conferences in the West Wing building and will not be scheduling appointments. Please stop by the West Wing during the conference hours to meet with your students’ teachers as they are available.

Parents will need to arrive no later than 7:30pm on Thursday or 11:30am on Friday in order to complete conferences on time. If you feel like you need more time with the teacher, try and either come on Friday, which is not as busy or schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss things further in detail.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by calling 970-533-7746 or emailing Miss Destri in the high school office at dlockhart@mancosre6.edu

Hope to see you next week!

October Count

Colorado schools receive funding from CDE (Colorado Department of Education) based on a per-pupil count of enrollment. Due to reporting mandates, if your child is absent between Wednesday, 9/22 through Monday, 10/11 we will need written documentation verifying your absence.

Please send a note with your student upon their return or a handwritten note or email can be sent to Destri at dlockhart@mancosre6.edu

Thursday, September 30, is the official attendance count day. Please make every effort to ensure that your student is in attendance that day. Your cooperation is appreciated in helping us with this requirement.

From the Nurse

Dear Parents and Students,

We have just received news that we will begin COVID-19 screening tests September 20th,

7:30am -11am. This is a VOLUNTEER program. If you wish to have your student participate,

please use the following links to register your student(s) depending on which school they are in.

Good news! Mancos School District did not have any COVID-19 positive cases and no new

quarantine cases for the week of Sept 7-9th. The total number of positive cases in Montezuma

County were down in the past week.

Health Tip of the Week

As we all get into the swing of things with school and sports, routines and bedtimes are

extremely important for your student’s health. Not only does sleep help with concentration,

attention, and academic performance, it also reduces the risk of many health problems. These

include type 2 diabetes, decreased risk of depression and other mental health concerns, and

behavioral problems.

The CDC recommends the following for children’s sleep:

❖ Children 3-5 years old should get approximately 10-13 hours of sleep

❖ Children 6-12 years old should get approximately 9-12 hours of sleep

❖ Children 13-18 years should get approximately 8-10 hours of sleep

To help your student reach the recommended number of hours, make sure that your bedtime

routine is the same(to the extent possible) each night. Turn electronics off about an hour before

your student heads to bed. Minimize light and other distractions from your student’s room.


Sharon Martinez, Mancos School District Nurse